Giving Thanks, part 15: Blogging

Today I am thankful for blogging.
 It is quite the little outlet for me, in spite of having to refrain from disclosing too much.
That leads me to my next topic:
As great as blogging can be, I think it can present a lot of negative effects, especially for emotionally weak people like myself.
You see, I find great joy in reading your blogs each morning with breakfast.  I love getting the updates and feeling your fun personalities even though you may be far away.  Blogging, my friend Jer has said, helps you feel close, even when you are not.  I love that, and I need that.
I’ve also been very inspired by blogs out there that belong to people I’ve never met, and probably never will.  I love people’s writing and documenting style, and I am amazed at the perspective some people have in spite of trials they face.  Blogging has helped me want to be better because of what I have learned from others.
However, I think it is important to remind the readers of blogs everywhere that most of the time you will only ever get the happy, funny, cleverly-articulated and entertaining updates from others’ blogs.  It may be easy to start comparing your seemingly humdrum life to others’ seemingly energetic and non-stop-fun-esque blogged lives.  I have caught myself doing this this past week and thought it would be worth addressing, in case any of you find yourself getting caught up in that too.  People document their lives with sunshine and butterflies on purpose when they are presenting it to cyberspace, even if it’s subconsciously.  Who wants to show the world how boring and frustrating and sad their life really is from time to time?  While I think it is great that blogs can be light-hearted and numbingly entertaining, remember that it usually isn’t how it really is for people all the time.  And that is okay.  You’re not the only one who thinks life is only hard for you.  Think about it.
To those of you like me who live vicariously through the blog posts of your friends and wanna-be friends, remember that everyone’s marriage, responsibilities, relationships, health, children, and lives are hard some times, no matter how glamorous they may appear on the internet.  I don’t know how mine comes across to you, but rest assured it isn’t sunshine and butterflies all the time.