Giving Thanks, part 12: Haley

Today I am grateful for my beautiful cousin Haley finding her Prince.

Haley and I have gotten really close the past few years.  We have been through breakups and heartache together, and now through triumphs and true love.  Haley and Jared got married today, and it is so tender to see how happy he makes her.  She is such a golden, bright person and he sees that and cherishes her because of it.  The first I heard about Jared was a few days after John’s and my wedding dinner last November.  Haley had attended the dinner and as it turns out, when she got home that evening she was greeted with several crates full of Sprite and a note from Jared saying, “May your holidays be merry and Sprite!”  He had been admiring her from a far in their singles ward and now, because of that move,  gets to have and hold her forever.

I got to speak at their wedding dinner last night.  I read some excerpts from letters Haley had written me while we were on our missions that were centered around missionary work, but were also applicable to marriage.  So it was kind of like Haley was giving herself marriage advice through the letters she wrote me on my mission.    One of my favorites was:

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ so much.  I’ve reached a deeper understanding of it all as a missionary and have yet so much to learn.  Hard times are bound to come but somehow I still find myself smiling.

Marriage can have hard times with it, but I know if we center our hearts and our relationship around the Gospel we can still find ourselves smiling, too.

Love you, Mrs. D!