Frustration Station

Remember this?
I knew it was too good to be true.
 I recently received a letter from the University of Utah telling me I didn’t take enough hours to graduate.
I was flabbergasted because I had met with my academic advisor several times before I “graduated” to make sure this wouldn’t happen.  I took every class she advised me to take and I did everything she told me to do to be ready.  But turns out there was a miscommunication somewhere.  Funny that I’m a communication major, and the academic advisor for the communication department and I couldn’t come to a clear and concise understanding about this situation from the beginning.  I’ve been trying to fight it for the past week or so, only to end up at the very beginning.
Yes, I have to go back to school.
I have 3 upper division credit hours to fulifll before I can officially graduate.  Luckily I have been helping my mentor and dear friend, Jen, with her dissertation, and I’ll most likely be able to use that as an internship if we can figure out how to get 252 hours for me out of the project.  I still have to pay a pretty penny to be able to use it for credit, though.
Lame.  But not as lame as it could be.  But still, lame.


  1. CKE says:

    Oh my gosh how ridiculous!! This happened to one of my other friends too! I don’t understand how the school counselors can just make these kinds of mistakes. Isn’t it pretty cut and dry how many credits one needs for a degree?? Seriously people, geez. Sorry Jess! You definitely deserve another graduation party when this mess is all over!! 🙂

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