A Thrilling Date Night

Last week John surprised me with tickets to Thriller at Kinsgbury Hall!  That boy!  I had no idea.  All he explained was that his best buddy Boston had a new lady friend and they wanted to meet us up on campus that night for a “little concert from an indie band” date night.  Funny thing is that I was talking with my bestie Jess the night before about how I wanted to go to Thriller so bad!  Her husband had surprised her with tickets and I was jealous.  Then John surprised me the very next night, and the surprise had been planned for over a week! He’s learned how to get the best results from surprising me.  It hasn’t always been so.  You’ll recall from this post.  It was an incredible night.  The talent and athleticism of those dancers blew my mind.  Some of the dances were a wee bit too dark for me, it being Halloween-themed and all, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I do think it’s funny in a creepy way that we dedicate a holiday to evil.  Buncha sickos, we are.
When we came out of Kingsbury Hall at the end of the night we were met with the first snow of winter.  We had a great time playing around in it, only because I was bundled up in my coat and scarf and gloves.  Had I not been it would have been miserable.
So excited for winter!