The Big Surprise!

JW-Surprise-Par_4071Note Adam’s look of “This surprise is so exciting it is
actually melting my face!” in the background (top left).
Hey, bloggers. I know you’ve all been wondering when the next husband post is going to be. Well, hold on to your mouse, because it’s happening…right now!
Here is yet another chance for me to talk about what a babe my wife is. I know, I have lots of those, right? Well, that’s what happens when you marry someone awesome, I suppose! Alright, here’s what happened:
Weeks ago, Jessi and I had wanted to make plans to go to the temple together. As I was on fall break last week, we thought it would be a great time to go and we decided on Saturday. So Saturday arrived, we ran a few errands in the morning, and before long it was time to get ready for the temple! We planned to go around 6:00 that evening so that we could have a nice dinner and so that it would not be too late so we would not be too tired. (Being married is a huge blessing, because you finally have your dreams come true of going to bed as early as you want! We like to be in bed by around 9:00. And that’s on the weekends!) We said it didn’t have to be exactly 6, because we didn’t want to feel like we had to rush to get there, and we could always go to a session right after. During our errands in the morning, I suggested to Jessi that we try and visit Grammy Faun and Grandpa Bob after our session in the temple, as they live practically next door to it. Jessi said, “Oh, that’s a great idea! Do you want me to call them so you don’t have to talk on the phone while you are driving?” “Well, dear”–Jessi hates it when I call her dear, but I forget a lot–“that would be just lovely!” says I. So Jessi took my phone, and called them, and arranged for us to come over to visit and help out with some project that Grammy said she’d have ready for us. We were set for a pleasant evening of temple service and a visit to the grandparents. (I know, we blow your standard weekend party right of the water, eh?)
Now, we had planned to ensure that this temple experience would be especially extraordinary. I mean, it is always wonderful, but as some of you know you don’t pull much out of it when you are almost snoring, or your stomach is grumbly, etc. We wanted to make sure we were all set for an optimal temple night. With that in mind, we took a nice nap in the afternoon, planned so that we would not (at least this was the intention) have any need to rush, made sure we were good and stretched out beforehand, and had plenty to eat before leaving.
So, with plenty of time (or so I thought), we set out to the temple in order to be at a session sometime around 6 o’clock, but without any real pressing deadline (or so I thought). We started driving down and were talking on our way, when I noticed that the fuel light was on for our car. Now, I enjoy a good thrill as much as the next guy or gal. And nothing gives a good thrill like showing that little fuel light that it’s not the boss of me, for I yield to NO puny warning light! I’ve got a history of riding that indicator needle way down into the danger zone past the E-for-Empty mark.
Well, as I was saying, I noticed we were low on gas. I figured it would be rather inconvenient and would probably put a damper on our temple trip if we ran out. So I decided to forego the incredible excitement of running on fumes and said we should stop for gas. To this, Jessi pretty adamantly replied that we should just get gas after because she did not want to be late for the temple session (even though it had no deadline). Well, this did not strike me as out of the ordinary because it is one of Jessi’s unique traits that she HATES getting gas. Which is why somehow her car defies all statistical probability and is pretty much ALWAYS on empty whenever we trade cars. Well, this was nothing out of the ordinary (or so I thought), and we ended up stopping to get just a gallon of gas, then continued on our way.
After much anticipation, we made it to the temple. Here we had our next holdup for our temple session that had no deadline. First, some context: my wife is so smokin’ hot that I often think to myself, “Wow! Jessi is so gorgeous, someone should take a picture of her!” And then I do. This evening, as per custom, Jessi was looking smokin’ hot and so I had brought my camera along in order to snap some pictures. We got out of the car, and I took out my camera. “What are you doing?” inquired Jessi. “Grabbing my camera,” I replied. “Why?” pressed Jessi. “Why, so I can get some pictures of us before our temple session,” I explained. “But, I really think we should take them after,” decreed Jessi. “I am getting anxious.” So, I ignored my confusion at needing to hurry to make it to a deadline that did not exist for our session, and we headed inside the temple, just the two of us (or so I thought).
Well, here is the moment that you’ve all been waiting for! When we headed to the chapel to wait, I noticed my Aunt Lyssa walking by! Wow, I thought, that’s so fun that she and Uncle Rees are here, too! Then I was doubly joyful when, as I rounded the corner, I saw that many of my Aunts and Uncles walking together, and Grammy was there, too! Oh, how wonderful! I thought. They all decided to do a temple night together! Funny that Grammy didn’t mention it earlier when we called them. Then, as luck would have it, I saw my sweet sister- and brother-in-law there, too! Gee whiz, what are the odds? I thought to myself. Isn’t that so great that so many people that I love are all here? Well, by this time, you might be thinking, “Oh, Jessi has put together a surprise party for him!” If so, you have caught on quicker than I. However, I soon figured it out (because Jessi told me, “This is a surprise party for you!”), and was so touched that Jessi had thought to do this for me. She set it up a couple of weeks before my birthday so that I would not suspect it. And even though I saw it in her planner, I actually was totally taken by surprise! There was no yelling of “SURPRISE!” since we were in the temple, after all, but it was the best surprise party I could possibly have had. I was so grateful to my wife for planning everything out and to everyone who was able to come. I was so happy and felt very, very loved.
The fun didn’t stop there, though. After we finished the temple (and I finally got my pictures!), we went to Jessi’s parents’ for some delicious treats. Jessi had planned to make sure my favourites were there, so we had some of my Mom-in-Law’s famous bread pudding, succulent lemon cake from Aunt Lyssa, tasty butterscotch cookies by Mom, and some very tantalizing pie from Grammy. More of our good friends joined us there, and Jessi even gave me a fun present on top of all she had already done. If you’ll look to the adjacent picture, you’ll see my excitement at having my very own Mythbusters shirt! I am a huge fan, and am actually wearing it at this very moment! (Meaning while I write this. Not that at any time that someone reads this I will be wearing it. As much as I wish I could, that would be kind of gross.)
So that was my big surprise this weekend. Thanks to everyone who came and who wanted to come but couldn’t be there, you made it a special night for me! I don’t know how I got to be so lucky to have the perfect family, family-in-law, and friends.I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people who love me and to have a wife who continually surprises me with how spectacular she is.

That sure was a long post.

Signing off,
The Husband

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  1. ME. says:

    awe! You ARE so very blessed. I hope one day to have a family like that… foward looking, breaking cycles and such…
    You are blessed, it’s lovely to hear such fun!
    love reading your blog!

    Michele Christmas

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