Lousy Good fur Nuthins!

When I was on my mission I decided to make a goal to not kill bugs anymore, particularly spiders.  I wasn’t afraid of spiders or anything, and my companions who were (*cough* Brynn) would have me capture and set free any we encountered.  My reasoning was that they didn’t ever do anything to us, and that they are more scared of humans than we are of them.  So for nearly four years–no spider killing.  I now kick myself at the thought of how many of those little nasties I could have killed since then!!  Such precious and valuable time lost!  Curses.

You see, this past summer I went to Bear Lake with my family while John stayed with his parents and recovered from surgery (wife of the year right here!).  We stayed at an old cabin right on the lake, it really was great.  I slept on this little cot with these old stuffy wool blankets that belonged to the cabin.  In the morning I woke up with a HUGE and BURNING SPIDER BITE ON MY UPPER BACK!  This spider bite ended up only getting worse for the next three or so weeks, and I almost went into the emergency room.  However, my pride wouldn’t let me.  I decided to wait it out for a few more days to see if it improved.  Luckily it did, but that was one annoying experience that lasted just shy of a month!  I rethought my approach to saving spiders. I thought to myself, “THAT’S what I get for trying to preserve your species??  Well FORGET YOU!”

Now every time I see a spider I kill it dead with an evil grin on my face.  And we live in a basement apartment, so this is a frequent occurrence.  And sometimes I leave the spider guts on the wall because I figure if I saw human guts on a wall, I wouldn’t go in that room.  Unfortunately this doesn’t keep spiders away from me.

For example, there has been a spider living in John’s car for the past few weeks.  We have no idea how it is surviving for this long.  Every once in a while he’ll see it in an odd spot–the dash board, in the speedometer– but by the time he pulls over to get it, it has vanished.  Tricky little devil.  Well, the other day I was sitting in his passenger seat and went to pull the visor mirror down—–and the creeper jumped right on to me from it’s hiding place up above!!  I screamed my head off as it scurried all over me before finding refuge again somewhere under a seat—we almost got in a car accident because of how much my squealing startled John.  It was quite traumatizing for me.  I had to sit in the back seat the rest of our outing.  I still get creeped out riding shotgun in the Mazda.  The spider is still on the loose….

So naturally you can imaging that I have acquired a slight fear of spiders.  But not a big enough fear that I run from them, because if I ran from them I couldn’t KILL them, you see.

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  1. Bliss says:

    oh my heck, I am pretty sure my I just bellowed out a good laugh while I am here at work. Oh man. Guess what?? I leave spider guts on the wall TOO!!! 🙂 (because we also live in a basement apartment. Haha)

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