Happy Birthday JW!

My handsome man turns 24 today.  I’ve been thinking about how I could pay tribute to him on this here blog because I want to be cute and original with my birthday salutations like other wives are on their blogs.  I could do 24 things I love about him, I could write him a public love letter, I could do a collage of birthday photos, etc–but I’m struggling to think of a way that truly portrays my gratitude for this man being born for me.  My love for JW is so sacred, and even though I could never fully express how my heart needs and adores him, I want to try.  And in a way that speaks to John’s heart specifically.

So I wrote him a poem.

For John William
by Jessi
Tapping on the things that matter most, I reflect upon what I felt before you.
And my heart is void of memory.  But my mind is full.
I remember being sad.  But not as happy as I am.
I remember being lonely.  But not as safe as I am.
I remember independence.  But not as much as I need you.
It might have been hard then, but my heart forgets.  It only remembers yours.
The gentleness of you, and your heroic love, too,
Fills me with no room for regret. 
Or tears. 
Or want.
Except for you and your strength.
Your strength.  Freeing.  Healing.  Inspiring.  Encouraging.
Lifting my head to see you.  My Purpose, my love. 
Happy Birthday, Lover.


  1. Dub says:

    Baby, I LOVE this! This is a fantastic birthday present! Oh, you know how much I love poetry, this makes me miss it. This is really beautiful. You are such a babe!


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