photoWay back in February John bought me Lion King tickets for Valentine’s Day! The night finally came and we had an unbelievable experience. We had the best seats I have ever had for a Broadway show–on the main floor, middle section, about twenty rows back. Not so close that you were below stage level and had to look up to see all the action, but just close enough that they could still spit on you if they said super enunciated Ps and Ts. We were pretty close to the isle, too, and took in all the amazing animal costumes that passed by. The whole evening was breathtaking. The Lion King has always been so spiritual for me. This was my third time seeing the play, and it is one of my all time favorites because of how it speaks to my testimony and my heart. I was balling before “The Circle of Life” was two-thirds over. The costumes, the talent, the dancing, the symbolism—it was a rush for me all night long. My only complaint would be that grown-up Simba was WAY too muscular and attractive and talented and buff and handsome. . . . . John actually got a little jealous that I noticed. Ok, a LOT jealous, but I thought it was cute of him that he let a fictional animal character threaten his manhood. He didn’t let it spoil his experience at the play, though. We had such a fabulous time. It made me miss my performing days and long for another opportunity to belt out some passionate ballad on stage at the top of my lungs. I think one day I’ll start auditioning again and keep that part of me in my life. Who knows….

I am just so grateful for John and for how considerate it was of him to buy these tickets for me. And something I’m even more grateful for is that he CAN buy me tickets to stuff months and months in advance and I don’t have to worry about whether or not we’ll actually get to go together because of breaking up, or whatever. We’ll ALWAYS get to go together. He’s here for good, along with the things he buys me months before I get them. For example, I don’t have to worry about breaking up before next summer when he takes me to Ireland and France!! I love the security of a healthy marriage. Thank you Baby, for a night I’ll never forget!


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