Czech Him Out!

So my adorable baby brother, Matt, received his mission call! He will be serving The Lord in the Czech, Prague Mission, speaking Slovak (???)! He leaves December 29 and will be in the Provo MTC for three months. I am so excited that he is finally at this point in his life. I can’t believe it! It was only yesterday that he played a basketball-size-headed baby-brother-to-Nephi Sam in our Book of Mormon production that Dad wrote, directed, filmed, and produced. Oh, how the time has flown. He is now more like Nephi than I ever imagined him being. He has the strength of God and a heart of integrity. Not to mention he is large in stature at 6’8″.
Georgina (Matt’s nick-name from me, a derivative of his middle name “George” for Grandpa) and I have an interesting relationship. I think I may have fought with him more than any other sibling growing up. We both are very opinionated, and always right. So you can imagine how that added up in the teen years. Even now, though, I find myself trying to lure him over to my side of thinking, often times resulting in minor family feuds. But it has never affected my opinion of this kid. MG is one of my favorite people in God’s Plan. I think a major reason we bicker is because I care sooo much about what he thinks of me, meaning I value his opinion of the kind of person I am more than I would others’. I want to earn his respect because he has earned mine. We butt heads here and there, but not hearts.
Matt is going to be an incredible missionary because he loves his Father in Heaven so much and wants to do his best for Him. He also loves his Savior, and it shows in the way he lives his life. Georgina is a very unique servant of the Lord. His heart is tender and open, and he is a hard worker who wants to and can make a difference. I am so excited for this sacred adventure that is beginning for him! I reflect upon my mission and the lessons I learned there AT LEAST every day, even still, having been home three years. I wish I could just zap Georgie with a surge of energy that would suck him into my brain, allowing him to see everything I saw on my mission, and everything I felt and learned there, and everything I feel about it now. It’s just so hard to try to explain how remarkably unique and sacred it all is. But that’s okay. He’ll find out for himself, and learn it all in the way he needs it. I might even say that it’s better without words anyway. Just as a feeling and inhabiter of the heart that words can’t trivialize. One day when he gets home, Matt and I will be able to look into each other’s eyes and really see eye to eye, without having to say anything at all. We won’t even have to zap each other. We’ll really understand each other the way only missionary service can explain things.


Georgina himself! So precious! With the long-awaited CALL!
(pre-opening—THE ANTICIPATION!!)Georgie-Call_120
Posing for obligatory documentation at such events. “I’m going on a mission!” (to be read in a high, squealy girl voice. You know, for excitement.)


The ever-documenting Papa, who has up-graded camcorders from his Book of Mormon Movie days. That older one was the size of a microwave. His new one, the size of a toaster.


“AAAAHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” upon hearing his assignment. Also said in a high, squealy, girl voice for excitement.


Beautiful Meredith, Matt’s “lady friend” who we would like to lock up in a convent for the next two years until the boy returns. Rob, his BIL, with Scottie, who isn’t crying so much for joy like the rest of us, but for the piercing screams and squeals of delight. We scared the wee fella. Oh and I guess Andee is behind the shrubbery! I didn’t notice her at first. She was taking pics, too, naturally.
Love you, Georgina! We are so excited for you!
Thanks, Bunches (my nick-name for John, a derivative of Honey Bunches of Oats) for taking these great shots! Wuvvies.
Georgina’s cute pals, so supportive. They are holding up their cell phones with other friends on the line who couldn’t make it to the opening ceremony. Kelsey was at an audition (bagged a lead!) and couldn’t make it either. We had her on one of those cells.


  1. Matt says:

    Sister thank you so much that was amazing! I love you so much Jess I’m so grateful for your support! This post was so fun to read, you should make it the first post on my mission blog 🙂 Thank you!!!!!! Love ya!

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