Monday Monday

It is definitely Monday.

I woke up with a massive headache. That hasn’t happened in a while.
I forgot my lunch that I stayed up late preparing which is what made me wake up with a massive headache.
My hair is in a ponytail with a rubber band I got from the rubber band ball in my left desk drawer at work.
I’m wearing my fat pants (which are floods) with a faded black t-shirt.
I have a huge pimple right in the middle of my forhead, but I had to pin my bangs back because they are greasy, so I can’t camo the pimple. It’s just blaring for everyone to see. And I don’t even care.
I forgot how to answer the phone at work. That is my job as a receptionist–answering the phone. And I forgot the special greeting we are supposed to say.
I also forgot to do other elementery tasks this morning that I do every morning, but spaced it this morning.
I may or may not have forgotten to put on deoderant when I was getting ready. I can’t remember. Time will tell, I guess.
However, I did remember to sneak a little love note in John’s new notepad that he is taking to his first day of class today. Hopefully he stumbles across it at some point. I hid it pretty good.
I’m a pretty darn good wife, no?
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  1. Dub says:

    You are such an amazing wife that I am going to have to make up a word right now to describe how wonderful you are: glomorianous! Yeah. You are so glomorianous, honey. I am a lucky man. Love you! 🙂

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