It started with a cut toe this morning. It doesn’t hurt very much, just a slight sting. But I’m grateful for a toe to cut. That’s what I’ve concluded after deciding to look for things to be grateful for today.
I had great intentions this morning, to be grateful and all. I promised Heavenly Father that I would do my best. But then I had a really hard morning, and I forgot to be grateful. I found myself feeling things too deeply, and taking things too seriously, and thinking about things too crticially. I got to work and continued to struggle. But then I remembered that I was going to try to be grateful. Of course it’s easy to be grateful when things are going smoothly, but I wanted to show myself and Heavenly Father that I could be grateful in any circumstance. I know people who can do that, and I admire them with all of my heart. I want to try to be like that.
So I went into the bathroom and said a prayer.
Please bless me with courage to choose healthy, happy thoughts.
Please bless me with strength to look for Your Love and Goodness in everything.
And I came back to my desk, and there was someone on hold for me. I picked it up and it was my John, checking up on me. He knew I was struggling. Hearing his voice was mercifully tender to me. I was worried I had hurt his feelings this morning. He told me he loved me and had been thinking about me. I felt a surge of courage and strength in my heart, and was grateful. For a gentle husband, for a gentle Father in Heaven. For prayer.
Deciding to be grateful even when its hard has helped being grateful be easier, even in the hard times.

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  1. CKE says:

    You are so cute and so positive. I definitely feel you with the feeling grateful category! My job is NOT my favorite, so I have to give myself the talk every day to remember to be grateful…

    I love that John called to check up on you. Isn’t great how just hearing their voice helps things so much? 🙂 I hope to meet your John someday! When we FINALLY hang out. 😉

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