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She’s One Crafty Lady
Hey, eh? It’s high time we had another husband post on this blog. Since Jessi is of course too humble to brag about her glomorianous skills, I get to! (Side note: If you are not familiar with the term glamorianous, see the comments of the previous post.)

One of the many things that I love so much about Jessi is her knack for being wonderful at things. She can choose a hobby that she wants to get good at, then she totally dives in and makes herself supremely talented at it! For example, this happened (with my utmost support) when she wanted to take up cooking. She was like, “I think it would be great to start cooking.”

Next thing I knew, there were these:

and these:

and some of these:

It was like, PRESTO! Gourmet chef! If you’d like further information on my wife’s delectable cooking, you can check out her blog (recently renovated for increased cuteness). Just click here.

With that same passion and talent, she has now delved into the world of handmade crafts. Here, she has achieved equal greatness, and her fame is quickly spreading. People are always walking up to me and are like, “Hey, is your wife that girl?” And I’m like, “Yeah, you better believe it, baby.”

Now, in the wee hours of the morning, or whenever she has a couple minutes that are unfilled by some of her other activities (you know, stuff like helping our geriatric friends across the street while carrying their groceries for them, volunteering down at the shelter, etc.), she can be found ‘neath a flurry of flowery creations and surrounded by paper mache masterpieces.


and this (We did family night at Robert’s. As you can see, good crafting runs in the family):

And finally, la pièce de triomphe:

She is a pretty darn good wife, eh? Well, just wanted to show off her skills and talents to all y’all. Some post soon I will elaborate extensively on her extraordinary abilities as a vocal artist.
Love you, Jessi. Thanks for all you do and are.
The Husband


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