Things I need to blog about:

Tending the cousins–love you guys!
-poop everywhere

Finishing school–for forever?? Maybe not…
-for sure not MSW, maybe a different program one day

Mountain View 1st Ward summer breakfast-Biggest turn out ever!
-great bike parade = new tradition!
-delegating to our committee = they followed through!
~Totally warmed our hearts and renewed our faith in people!-amazing speech by Iraqi returned soldier
-fabulous event!
-serving in the Church is the BEST!

4th of July-Fun at Sugarhouse Park with Davey, Jen, Mindy, and Jon!
-laughing our heads off
-casting spells as the fireworks went off so it looked real

-So much fun at Uncle Tom’s
-stayed in the pool house for the first few nights, hotel after that
-wedding planning
-swimming, eating, mini golf and tennis!
~Uncle Tom impulsively bought me $110 Nike tennis shoes?!?!-My first massage ever!!
-manis and pedis
-shopping for the gals, golfing for the guys
-amazing wedding dinner
~JW and Erin putting together the slide show
~Erin putting together the party favors–beautiful sapplings to take home and plant!

-meeting amazing relatives
~Mariannie, Jenny, Evan and his family, Francois, Mama LoLo, Piper, Carrie…….etc-lots of pictures!
-GORGEOUS wedding!!
~in the redwood forrest! Dancing in a gorgeous barn, dinner in a gorgeous meadow!
~CRAZY dancing with JW–sober! We had the most fun out of everyone, too, and
were able to remember it the next morning!
-I sang in the ceremony last minute! Super flattered I was asked, and had a great time!
-organic food, raw food, bottled water from a spring in the mountains
-SAN FRANSISCO with the love of my life!
~Great pictures, lots of loving
~Hard Rock Cafe
~Pier 39 and the Warf

-organic BBQ with 20lbs of posh beef!
-spiritual talks with spiritualist relatives
-major leads on prosthetics for JW and our future
-bonding with family and friends
~Evan, Marianne, Jenny, Carrie, Cindy, Uncle Tom, Aunt Mary, Stephanie, Libby-eating

JW’s surgery-epidural
-no seizure! Hooray!
-way easier than last time, hopefully won’t have to have it again…
-taking care of my baby
-HEAPS of visitors!
~Alex, Andrew, Joseph, Camille, Andee, Rob, Josh, Scottie, Kelsey, Adam, Bliss…..-Lots of calls and texts of support and love
-staying at Erin and John’s for the recovery
~sooo grateful for them and for their support!!

-MYTHBUSTERS-loving Erin more every day and so grateful that we can be such great friends!!
-JW can’t sit, he can only lay on his belly or side

Work-going full time and will be able to get benefits—SUCH A BLESSING!
~right in time, my other insurance inspires the exact same time…-really enjoying the gals, feeling closer to them
-trying to serve those I work with and build trust
-feeling more confident in the work, I’ve learned a lot!
-don’t dread it like past jobs = halelujah! 🙂

Loving JW crazier each day-so blessed

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  1. CKE says:

    Wowa… lots going on woman!! I’m glad your husband’s surgery went okay! I didn’t know you guys were going through that!! I’m glad you had fun in Cali! You did stuff that I haven’t done yet and I’ve been here over a month! 😉 I wish we could have seen each other!! We have to next time, I’m holding you to it! 🙂 Love you girly!

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