Ticket Slippers!

The other week JW and I had a wee tiff. You see, I got a parking ticket and somehow I got mad at JW for it? I don’t remember how it all went down—I just know it was my problem, not John’s. I got home from work after being gone for several hours and just kind of pretended that nothing had happened—that’s how I deal with conflict sometimes, like a child … *wa wa*… so after a few minutes of me acting all lovey-dovey-nothing-happened-we’re-great, John kindly suggested we discuss our little episode earlier. I immediately tried to avoid the subject, but John reigned me in again and we ended up explaining our sides of understanding (mine of which was dumb and selfish, and I knew it.). After the discussion John said, “Okay, so I got you something because I want you to know that when we get in arguments it doesn’t effect my love for you.” WHAAAA??? So yeah, John bought me slippers because I got mad at him, for something that was my fault. And why wouldn’t he!? Sheesh I’m undeservingly spoiled …

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  1. Tricia Jeanne says:

    Okay, love. It’s harder to get in touch with you without a ‘wall’ so when will I get to see your adorable face? Up for a double date on Wednesday (Yes, THIS Wednesday!) If not we can do something after Bear Lake, in the evening on the 25th?? Kisses and love sweetie.

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