Surprise Graduation Celebration

Graduation_004Each Sunday JW and I switch off between our families’ houses for family dinner. This Sunday was the H’s turn, and we were soooo excited because we had been fasting and Erin is an indescribably fabulous cook. We pulled up to the house and I noticed a HUGE sign on the garage that said “Congratulations Grad!” and I thought to myself, “who’s graduating in the H home?” After a split second I realized, “I AM! THEY ARE REFERRING TO ME!” I was stunned. And JW knew all along that they were going to surprise me like this and he didn’t even leak any hints! Great job, Baby! They had been planning it for several days and I had no clue. So I walked inside and they had their whole house decorated with cute balloons and napkins and plates that all said “congratulations grad” on them. It was quite the to do! Grammy was there, too, to celebrate my graduation with me. I was so touched I didn’t even know what to do with myself! Erin made a delicious dinner and dessert and the H fam gave me a sweet card and gift. My heart was weeping with gratitude and shock at being so openly loved by my new family. John’s family is an incredible family. They are so full of love and are so eager to share it. I feel like royalty in their home and feel confident in their love, respect, and gratitude for me. I still can’t believe how wonderful my life is in this family. Every so often the realization of my abundant blessings hits me and I am overwhelmed with my Savior’s Love. He knows me and loves me so perfectly, and I owe all of my blessings to Him. He has given me more than I ever thought I could have or deserve. He’s given me this family.



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