So this past week JW and I nannied for his aunt and uncle’s family of five kiddos while their parents went on a huge biking trip for five days. The kids range from 2 years old to 18 years old, and we sure learned a lot—like I am going to be a terrible mum. But we also learned that John is going to be an awesome mum! Yeah, if he earned commission for every poop bomb he had to clean off the floors and ceilings of the house we would have the rest of his school paid for. I felt so bad for him, and so relieved for me! I had to work this week and somehow the dogs and the babies held in their explosions for when I was gone. So I only ever had to change minorly-grody-but-very-manageable nappies. I think Heavenly Father knows that if I have to do anything overly disgusting with children who are not my own I will not want kids. So JW has to do all the dirty work—like the time he cleaned up the puke of one of our dinner guests when we very first got married while I was dry heaving in the other room from the smell of what he was cleaning….that’s another story. Point: my husband loves me so much that he will spare me boogers, poop, and vomit. Unfortunately it keeps me wussy because I never have to face my fears head-on. Maybe I’ll give it a go with our own kids … maybe.

We totally had a great time this week, though. We had Libby for most of the week, too, so we did a ton of playing. We hit up Taco Tuesday at the local Del Taco, we went to a carnival at the cousin’s elementary school, we went to Discovery Gateway with Leena, Libby, Josh and Scottie, we had a pizza party with our other cousins … it was just one fun thing after another! The kids — Nate, Cole, Eliza, Dalton, and Leena — are such stellar kids. They have such bright futures and just light up the present. I’m excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for these great lads! Thanks for being so great this week, you guys!