Well, I never thought this day would come, but it came! I am a college graduate! Well, almost…I still have to take 4 credit hours this summer, but it’s only a month-long course….So I’m golden!
I am so humbled by the opportunity I have had to get a college education. I am part of a very small percentage of the human population who has been able to take education into my own hands and get the most out of it. I could not have asked for a better college experience. I have loved the University of Utah more than I could ever describe. My professors, my friends, my leadership opportunities—I have learned and grown so much while at the U. And I absolutely loved my major and hope to continue to study and research marriage and family communication in the future. I really feel like I excelled at school and learned a whole new way to think. It has been invaluable in my quest to love and understand others more fully. And if I hadn’t gone to the U, I may not have ever met my prince. I am so grateful for the course my life has taken. I would not change a thing because I have needed all the lessons I’ve learned along the way.Graduation_006
Da cap n’ gownGraduation_023
 Too cool for school.Graduation_111

Besties graduating together!Graduation_107

Love you, Nurse Jessica!

Graduation_093Da handsome hub.Graduation_086
 So proud of me!Graduation_081
The Liberator.


Graduation_066What will I do with myself now?!DSC_0026
Mumsie and Popcicle
Graduation_155 Mama H
I did it!!


  1. CKE says:

    So… I was there! Okay most likely not there there as in your exact graduation ceremony, but I went to my best friend’s graduation up there on the 7th. Hers was at like 11 or something like that. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!! I bet it feels so great! 🙂

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