Lent Report


 Welp, I officially ended Lent yesterday after about 50 days of “fasting.” Lent normally ends on Easter Sunday, but I took the week off in Hawaii, mainly out of consideration for everyone else I was with on the vacation. I didn’t want to put anyone out by making them find the type of restaurant I could go to or anything. So I tacked a week on after we got home and yesterday was my last day. This was the hardest time I’ve had on Lent in all the years I’ve done it. But I did it. I don’t feel compelled to extend my “fasting” like I have in past years. Normally I try to see how long I can keep my goals after Lent officially ends (I’ve gone up to 6 months), but this year I barely made it as it is. So bring on the sugar and fast food! I have paid my penance. JW and I celebrated by going to Arby’s. Love me some Arb. And some JW!

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