“Big Deal” Dates. . .

Today is JW’s and my five-month anniversary and we are more in love than ever before. I do understand what people mean when they say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, though. It’s not like we ever fight or anything, it’s just that it is difficult getting used to something new, like being married. It’s sort of like this mind game for me, figuring out how to be in a dyad while still being true to myself? I don’t know. I’ve found that having never been married before, I don’t know how to be ‘me’ in ‘us.’ It should be easy, right? But I tend to over-psychoanalyze myself all the time and make it a lot harder than it needs to be. But we are learning and growing so much and are loving the journey.
Something that has kept the fire in our love is weekly dates. But not just regular weekly dates. . .”Big Deal” weekly dates. At the beginning of each week we set aside a chunk of time (evening or morning or whenever) to dedicate to our date. Then we make a big deal of it all week long, talking it up and getting super excited. We don’t let anything get in the way of the date and we take turns each week planning it. JW likes to surprise me a lot (which is more fun for him than me…I get major anxiety when I don’t know what’s going on…) but it never has to be anything expensive or elaborate. And it is so special each week! Last week JW took me frisbee golfing at the frisbee golf course at the University of Utah. It was free and sooo much fun! Then he made gourmet burgers for me that night and took me to the Joseph Smith Movie afterwards. It was such an incredible night for us and we felt so close to one another.
Today JW and I had a morning date. I made him breakfast and then we went to Sunnyside Park for a wee tennis lesson. JW has a lot of natural tennis talent! I was quite impressed. We worked on his serve, tweaked it just a bit, and hit the ball back and forth for a while. He really gave me a run for me money, too. We had a smashing time (pun definitely intended) It has been so long since I’ve played and it felt really good. I realized how out of shape I am right now, though. I’ll be sore tomorrow! JW is so cute when he plays tennis. He really has loads of potential and we are going to keep working on it so we can play Andee and Rob in doubles. I think we could bring it.
It has just been so fun to share some quality time with John. We are really strengthening our friendship lately and it has helped our marriage in every other aspect. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend and to have such a romance with him, too. I could not have married anyone more perfect for me, and for that I thank The Lord every day. Love you, Baby!


  1. Andee says:

    Love you guys and love these pictures. My favorites are the frisbee ones and the first one of you serving! Love it!! 🙂

  2. Anne Marie says:

    You look brilliant, and love the hair pic of you serving! I hear you about the pain of surprises! Philip calls it my “preservation of sameness” its a phrase they use for Autistic children and he is convinced I have it! don’t like changing my day/plans. My boys are the same, so we just plan ALOT. (did you know Cormac has Aspergers Syndrome? can’t remember if you were here that time or not!) anyway, routine is KING in our house! Enjoy the dates they are very very important, and you will find the “me” in “us” – its hard but trust your gut! love ya xx

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