A Litany of Love for Me Lovely Lady

15025_1439814518628_1330980875_1248717_841520_nHi, everyone. It’s me, John. I figure it’s high time we have a post from the husband on this blog. I want to tell my beautiful wife and our hosts (a modest estimate, I imagine) of followers how wonderful she is.

Jess, here are a few of the many reasons why you are so darn lovable:

  • “What am I doing?” “Flicking the flippin’ flecks from your face!”
  • I even like watching American Idol a little bit as long as I’m watching it with you.
  • You let me be a nerd.
  • I eat like a king thanks to your fabulous cooking.
  • We had what I would consider the most perfect first date possible.
  • You are hilarious.
  • You keep me believing in myself.
  • I know this does not technically make sense the way that I will attempt to describe it, but I know you will understand anyways: I love you because Ludacris sings “Baby” with Justin Bieber. Luda!
  • I love you because you are totally pickin’ up what I just layed down.
  • You have a heart of gold.
  • You proof-read your texts.
  • You are supportive of me and want me to do what makes me happy.
  • You have a shweet Sean Connery acshent, and y’know it.