Work. . . and then some more work. . .

So I’m writing this as my husband is away at work. Not to be a downer, but I hate work. I hate it when I have to work, and I hate it when JW has to work. Anything that keeps us apart from each other is an enemy. Work is an enemy. Especially lately. I feel like I work all the time. And to make matters worse, I am loathing my job passionately. I used to find such great fulfillment in it, but I guess five years is enough. It’s just that I feel trapped in my job because we need the money.

I’m sure most of you reading this feel my pain. Question: You know how it really just makes you physically ill to think you have to be at work in thirty minutes and that you’ll have to be there all night long, only to have to go straight to your other job until 1300 hours (1:00pm) and then to return to your loathed job again tomorrow night at 2200 hours (10:00 pm) and stay there until 1600 hours (4:00 pm) on Saturday? Yeah, I’m feeling that physical pain right now. I just need to be grateful that we have the income. We really are so blessed to be able to work, especially when so many are struggling right now. Plus it builds our characters, eh? I sure wish a different job could be building my character right now. If any of ye know of job openings, can you do me a solid and holler?

Muchos gracias!!!!

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  1. Tricia Jeanne says:

    Oh Jessi, I know so exactly how you feel. It’s so hard because you want to feel grateful for an income and being able to support yourself, but at the same time you feel like your very soul is slowly being sucked from you…
    I remember so many times coming home from work and looking at Jon and thinking “I spend 9 hours at work every day, and at best I only see Jon for 6 hours a day. What sense does a society make when it forces me to spend more time with people I hate than the person I love?!?!”
    Soon you will be in grad school, back to mentally stimulating yourself and seeing your hubby more often!!! The day will come!
    On the brighter side, your blog is becoming more adorable every time I visit. 🙂 Distracting yourself from work is key.

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