Valentine’s Day #1


What a wonderful first Valentine’s Day for the H. Family!! My husband is simply precious. For starters, I was working the night before and when I arrived home at about 9:00am on Sunday JW had adorable and delicious heart waffles ready for me!! I ADORE waffles, and he had gone to the trouble of tracking down a waffle maker (we don’t have one) so that he could treat me. And they were heart-shaped to boot! He had the table set all beautifully with a rose in a vase in the middle of the setting, and had cute love songs playing in the background. We enjoyed our waffles together and I gave him a couple movies for a gift: Thumbalina, The Secret of Nimh (childhood favorites of mine that were on sale at the Target), and The Borne Ultimatum. He loved them:).

Then we attended church at JW’s parent’s ward because Papa John was teaching and we didn’t want to miss it. It was a fabulous Power Point Presentation on Noah. We lapped it up, it was such a great lesson.

Afterwards, we came back home and started on our romantic cheese fondue dinner. JW had made this for me before and it has become my favorite romantic dinner. He made the fondue and I made the salad (spinach and croutons, very elaborate…). It was a beautiful spread and we got to use a few of our cute platters and serving bowls that we got from the wedding! JW lit candles and played love songs again, and we sat down to eat. He then brought out this huge bag full of gifts for me! He gave me a healthy-eating cookbook (JUST WHAT I WANTED!! I started reading it last night in bed (yes I do that) and it is a winner!!!), cute green hot pads and oven mitts, a beautiful pottery barn blanket (I’m always cold…), tickets to The Lion King, and… A high-def TELEVISION (we haven’t had a t.v. til now)!! Can you believe it?? He is so considerate! And with gift cards we still had from the wedding, neither of us spent a ton of money!! Except JW worked extra hard for the Lion King tickets. He is so thoughtful!

After the delicious dinner we watched Thumbalina on our new t.v. It was so romantic, you can imagine. We had those songs stuck in our heads the rest of the night. Turns out Barry Manilow was the composer for that movie! Who’da thought… Anyhoo, the day was simply perfect. It was great to have the whole day together and to just be with each other.

I am so grateful to have a permanent Valentine now, and even more so that it’s JWH. It’s so fun being in love. It’s just so relieving to finally be at this stage in our lives, and that it worked out so well. I should give my life to Heavenly Father more often, because He always ends up creating something way better than I could have on my own. I never thought love could be this good. Long Live Love!


  1. Crystal says:

    Jessi I just barely noticed this post! haha. Anyway, it sounds like you had a way cute Valentine’s day too!! I’m so happy for you guys! And I totally agree with you about Heavenly Father creating something way better than we ever could. I’m right there with you! Yay for love! πŸ™‚ Love you girl! πŸ™‚

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