Life Update

I wanted to give you a life update of John and myself, mainly just so we have a record of it for ourselves. But our lives are just so exciting that I’m sure you won’t regret knowing what’s going on in them, too! So we all win!!

Let’s start with John, eh? John is the most handsome of all students at the University of Utah. He recently switched from a business major to engineering. Consequently he has at least three more years left of undergrad. (I’m jealous of that. I love school.) We’re not sure which route of engineering he’ll take yet, probably some mixture of mechanical or biomedical so that he can end up in bionic limbs and prosthetics, which is his career choice. We are so excited that he found something that interests him such a great deal and that he is so passionate about. He’ll be successful at whatever he chooses to do, but I’m just glad he found something that he loves.

Go Utes!

John is also the most handsome librarian you’ll ever meet. He currently works at the Marriott Library on campus and absolutely loves it. It’s pretty low key so he gets to get a lot of homework done. I get to visit him, too, and do homework with him. It’s a great job for our needs at this time. We feel so blessed that he got this job, because he kind of just happened upon it. And it has all worked out!

In his free time John likes to hang out with me and to take lots of photos, mainly of food. He also enjoys hanging out with his family, especially our wee sis Libby Mei. John also enjoys exercising and reading his Scriptures regularly.  Of all the people I’ve ever known, I’ve never met anyone who loves the Scriptures as much as my John. And I’ve never met anyone who knows and applies them as well. John inspires me by studying his Scriptures every day, no matter how busy he is. And when I say “study,” I mean STUDY. He devours them. I think that’s why he has that amazing glow about him. He just radiates with goodness. He’s my little glow-stick.

I am almost done with my undergraduate degree in Speech Communication. I’ll walk in May but will still have four credits to finish up in the summer. I have absolutely loved school at the University of Utah. My major has changed my life. I like to think of it as a degree in charity, really, because it teaches you how to understand where people are coming from when they communicate the way they do. I’ve taken a special interest in interpersonal communication, particularly among family members, and would like to further my study of that. I’ve applied to the Masters of Social Work program at the U and will be hearing back within the next few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be starting that program in the Fall. I’d eventually like to get my conflict mediation certification as well, and become a marriage and family therapist. Relationships fascinate me. I study them in my free time, as well as for school. I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about them, and love helping people learn things from their relationships, too. I currently work as a nanny for an adorable family, the Wrights. I care mostly for the infant twin girls, Nicole and Brooke, and I absolutely ADORE them. I also work at TKJ for the fifth or sixth year running, I’ve lost track. I’m getting pretty burnt out there, though, and am presently looking for other employment opportunities that will work with school and nannying. In my free time I like to cook!! It has become my new favorite hobby (see Consequently, I have been compelled to love exercising as well. It is my second favorite hobby. I’ve taken up running again and feel so excited to be back. It’s pretty hard on my ankles, though, so I’ll need to figure that one out. I also love hanging out with my family in my free time. My sisters and me mum are my best friends and I love them so much.

And I love having people over for dinner and like to make an ordeal of it, really, with a beautiful place setting and gorgeous food. It’s fun playing house.
I’ve recently become addicted to LOST, and have made it through the first season and a little into the second. However, I am on hiatus from watching it because it became a little too real for me and started becoming a life-wrecker. We’ll see if I ever decide to resume.
John and I currently live in Sugarhouse in the most adorable little basement apartment you could

imagine. It’s very cosy. Our ward, the Mountain View 1st Ward of the Hillside Stake, is wonderful. There are at least ten other young couples in the ward that we have a game night with on occasion, and we’ve all really hit it off. John and I are the activities chairs, so that will start demanding a little more time from us starting in the summer. We are excited about our calling. It’s fun being involved. We are enjoying the present and looking forward to the future. A lot of our future will be determined by some things we’ll be finding out in the next few weeks, but we have faith that Heavenly Father will provide ways for our righteous desires to be fulfilled. We feel very close to Him and see His Hand in our life every day. John and I often talk of how everything has just worked out, and that we are so deeply blessed. We are eternally grateful for the life we have and that we get to spend it together. We are madly in love with each other, and the love grows every day.
And that, my friends, was the H. Fam in a nutshell.


  1. Anne Marie says:

    Jessi, I just love you, you are so positive. I loved hearing about your life, you are doing great. I’m delighted that John makes you so happy I can “hear” it in the way you speak of him. I will send you a new recipie I tried today, I’m about to blog about it actually! anyway, have a good day and don’t work too hard and don’t let those newborns get you too broody 🙂
    Love ya – Anne Marie

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