From Hip-Hop Dances to Missed Flights…

Our wedding day was the most perfect day we ever could have hoped for! The ceremony was very spiritual and inspiring, and it was incredibly touching to be in the Temple with so many people who are so dear to us. My Grandpa George performed the sealing and John and I will never forget how we felt as we looked into each other’s eyes and were sealed for time and all eternity.

After pictures and some videographing at the Temple, John and I grabbed some Crown Burger before heading back to my parents’ house to nap before the reception. We were so pooped! But we got rejuvenated for the beautiful wedding reception. We had over 700 people attend and had just barely enough food, which John and I got nothing of.  But it was so much fun to see everyone and we are so grateful for all the support and kindness shown to us that night and since.

My favorite part of the reception was the Bride and Groom’s first dance together. We started out dancing to a slow Norah Jones song but then after a few seconds the song scratched into this hip-hop song that appeared to be an unfortunate technical malfunction. But John and I had actually planned it to happen so that we could surprise everyone with this sick dance we had choreographed! We ripped up the rug, baby! We had people rolling on the ground with laughter because they had no idea it was coming and some of the moves were just gut-bustin:). I have so much fun with John and it was great to show some of our sense of humor to the people who were there. We are so glad we did that.

The honeymoon was more fun than I ever thought possible. We went to Disneyland and Newport Beach. John surprised me with these adorable “Just Married” shirts that we wore in Disneyland and everyone treated us like celebrities. We got lots of free stuff and lots of cute comments, and we hardly had to wait in line at all. We had three day passes and one of those days was my birthday, so I got to wear these cute pins that the park provided for me so that everyone would know. I also got a free $75 voucher for anything I wanted in the park, and I ended up buying a super cute zip-up hoody. We stayed at the Grand Californian so we could go to the park or to the hotel whenever we wanted. It was so great to stay at a Disneyland Hotel! I don’t know if I could ever do it any other way now. I have been so spoiled.

A couple highlights from our Disneyland adventures were eating Thanksgiving dinner at this super high-end restaurant, compliments of Uncle Tom. He had made reservations for us and gave us money for the dinner. It was de-lish!! It was also fun to eat at the Blue Bayou on my birthday. That’s the restaurant attached to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I would say the greatest moment at Disneyland, though, was when these two strangers in line said we looked like Mormons. They were LDS too. We decided that we are going to wear our “Just Married” shirts every time we go to Disneyland:).

We then headed to Newport for a few days and stayed in this extremely elegant and fancy resort just across the street from the beach. It was heaven. The hotel management sent us free wine for wedding congratulations, but we ended up giving it to the maintenance man when he came to fix our tv. He seemed to be having a hard day and I think we brightened it for him a little:). We had so much fun relaxing and hitting the beach. It was so beautiful. However, we did some minor miscalculations the morning we were going to leave and ended up missing our flight home! They said we’d have to wait for 12 hours to see if we could get on a standby flight, but it was Thanksgiving weekend and we knew we had no chance. So we decided to rent a car and drive home over two days, staying in St. George that night. It turned out to be so much fun, even though it started out quite frustrating. We made the best of it though, and it makes for a great story now!

We had so much fun on our honeymoon. I love John so much and it is amazing to me how much our love has grown already. I am so grateful I married my best friend.

Eat your heart out, Goof.
Had to be done. 
My Birthday at the Bayou
JW looks 12 here!
Part of your….world!
my precious
his precious

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    Jess! Your honeymoon sounds like it was so much fun! That’s awesome they gave you the royal treatment for being newly weds. We’ll have to say that next time we go! lol 😉

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